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9:45am - 10:00am Webinar Stream 1RUNDOWN OF THE DAYS EVENTS
Danny Ginsberg, Outward Mindset Mechanic, Senior Consultant, Arbinger Oceania
10:00am - 10:30am Webinar Stream 1KEYNOTE TALK LIVE!
Petra Zink, CEO, Lead Coach, The360TalentCo How to Lead, Learn and be Creative in the New Normal The nature of jobs and skill sets required to stay relevant will continually reshape the employee brand in the future of work. Question – how can we not just adapt to the new normal, but create it on our terms? Key Learning Points: • Top trends that are shaping the future of work • The impact on the workforce, jobs and skill sets in demand • Three steps to reinvent yourself, no matter where you are or what you do now.
10:30am - 10:45am Webinar Streams 1,2,3INTERVAL
10:45am - 11.15am Webinar Stream 1HEADLINER TALK LIVE!
Steve Collis, Head of Workplace Strategy, Amicus Designing for Emergent Learning How might we nurture a profound, unscripted, and ‘emergent’ culture of learning within an organisation? Situated learning theory suggests that the most powerful learning experiences are very often spontaneous in nature. Can these spontaneous experiences be kindled, catalysed, or (in some sense) even designed for? Steve will present case study material from both corporate and K-12 school settings, showing some surprising parallels, and extracting some practical principles that any organisation can apply in both face to face and remote settings. Key Learning Points • Cite examples of, and recognise, characteristics of situated, or ‘emergent’ learning experiences • Use the ‘moments’ technique to describe emergent learning without pre-ordaining its path • Use the ‘3 Touchlines’ model to work with the ‘conditions of success’ within an organisation that set the scene for emergent learning to occur.
11:15am - 11:30am Webinar Streams 1,2,3INTERVAL
11:30am - 12.00pm Webinar Stream 1HEADLINER TALK LIVE!
Vanessa Trower, Learning & Development Manager, GWA Group Ltd, ANZ, UK, China Hey, how do I do this?” Peer-to-Peer Learning, Collaborative and Social Learning in Employee Training Programs. When somebody wants to learn a new skill or find information, where do they turn to first? ‘The training program’ said no one ever. In this virtually interactive headline talk, you will be presented with case examples of formalised peer-to-peer learning and social learning that has been a success within organisational training initiatives. Vanessa will talk on how L&D professionals should consider a formal structure for peer-to-peer learning, collaborative and social learning within the program design to achieve the learning outcomes and ultimately, build the learning culture within the organisation Key Learning Points: • Discover case examples of formalised peer-to-peer learning • Discuss the use of technology to deliver Collaborative and Social Learning and build the learning culture • Compare more than 20 learner-centered approach activities to foster collaboration with group projects.
12:00pm - 12:15pm Webinar Streams 1,2,3INTERVAL
12:15pm - 12:45pm Webinar Stream 1,2,3FRONTLINER TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Deborah Coram, Director & CEO, The Safetrac Group Compliance in a New Business World COVID-19 has dramatically changed the business world. With remote workplaces and working from home becoming the new normal, organisations are facing significant changes in their procedures, with a stronger emphasis on compliance measures and online learning & development. Organisations will need to strike a balance between face-to-face interactions and working from home functionality in order to cater to post-COVID work environment. In fact, the new business world will challenge how things were done before, how we can now do things differently and how we can create a compliant workplace culture that is beneficial for all staff. Key Learning Points: • What will compliance look like in this new business landscape? • Best practice techniques: How to ensure a COVID-safe work environment and, on the other hand, how to create a compliant remote workforce. • Transition to the online training environment with ease, with learnings from award-winning projects: Cricket Australia and ACCIONA.   Webinar Stream 2 Julia Maddison, Learning Specialist with Liz Tully, HR Business Partner, Sanofi Sanofi’s Health & Mental Wellbeing Program Sanofi employs over 700 people in Australia and New Zealand, across 4 global business units in functions including clinical research, medical support, sales, marketing and business operations. ‘People and performance’ was identified as a pillar of the business’ 5-year strategy. Sanofi also has a firm history of empowering patients & consumers lives through our medicines and initiatives none of which would be possible without our people. In Empowering the lives of our employees, we aim to look more holistically at helping them manage the full range of life challenges, mentally, physically, financially and spiritually through our integrated Wellness program. Key Learning Points: • How to ensure a successful Health & Mental Wellbeing program • Some of the challenges to be aware of • How do you know it’s a success?   Webinar Stream 3 Sonja Davenport-Petersen, Product Manager, Totara Learning Solutions Talent Experience in the New World of Work There are five disruptors that are fundamentally reshaping organizations and our experience in the workplace. To increase resilience and prosper in today’s fast-changing world, organizations need to be adaptable. This requires flexible, integrated technology. Totara’s Talent Experience Platform offers a unified experience, bringing together all the critically important areas needed to thrive in the new world of work; learning, employee engagement, collaboration, high performance and, ultimately, productivity. Key Learning Points: • The five workplace disruptors and how your organization should respond • Why bringing learning, performance and engagement together addresses motivation at work and drives productivity • Introducing the Totara Talent Experience Platform
12:45pm - 1:00pm Webinar Streams 1,2,3INTERVAL
1:00pm - 1:30pm Webinar Stream 1,2,3FRONTLINER TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Dale Chadwick, Learning Technology Manager, Austin Health What’s Faster than Rapid Development? Inside a Health Learning Technology Team during a Pandemic Rapid development of online learning content took on a whole new meaning this year in learning technology. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a mixture of urgent, critical training had to be deployed to ensure healthcare worker’s safety. Together with rules and approaches that were changing daily, Austin Health had to quickly change how they approached the design and development of learning without negatively affecting the learning outcome. With topical approaches for educators in any field, this talk is focused on redefining how learning professionals can design, develop, and deliver online content in days not weeks, using existing infrastructure and resources. Key Learning Points: • How to quickly transform facilitators into an army of designers • What was previously essential in course development becomes optional • Creating learning videos that can be updated (no time to re-shoot) • Utilising remote learning tools such as Rise, Teams, and the Totara LMS to ‘seamlessly’ replace face to face offering   Webinar Stream 2 Jessica Ruffino, Sales Learning Manager, REA Group Creating a Learning Agility Culture at REA As learning professionals, the biggest challenges we tend to face is lack of time, money, resource and most importantly, the mindset of the learner. And in a world that is constantly changing, it’s never been more important to have a learning agility culture. Jessica will be sharing key learnings from REA on how they have redefined the learning culture to uplift the capability and behaviour of a successful sales team to drive growth and change. Key Learning Points: • Tips on how to create a learning culture where innovation, adaptability and agility thrive • How to transform capability and behaviour of a successful sales team to drive growth – for the individual, your business and your customers. • Identify who you need to have in your corner and how to make it happen with limited resources.   Webinar Stream 3 Tina Griffin, Principal Advisor L&D with Phil Daly, Senior Learning Specialist, Ministry for Primary Industries (NZ) Making an Organisation of Lemonade Drinkers: How Converting to Online Kickstarted a Cultural Transformation When life gave us lemons (COVID), MPI saw an opportunity. Hear how L&D managed an army of helpers, working at break-neck speed to move their induction program to fully online delivery in the midst of a nation-wide lockdown. Find out the design & delivery techniques they employed that made it successful and the lasting impact it’s having on MPI’s learning culture. Key Learning Points: • Design techniques to create human connection in online Induction delivery • Benefits of using some agile principles to speed up design • How the program kickstarted cultural transformation.
1:30pm - 2:00pm Webinar Stream 1AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED LIVE!
Best Learning Model • Best 70:20:10 Learning Model • Best Blended Learning Model • Best Custom/Bespoke Learning Model • Best Future Learning Model • Best Online Learning Model • Best Rapidly-Shifted Online Learning Model   Best eLearning Initiative • Best eLearning on a Budget Initiative • Best eLearning Widespread Adopter Initiative • Best F2F Classroom Training Transfer to Virtual Classroom Training Initiative • Best New eLearning Adopter Initiative   Best Learning Technology • Best use of Technology in Learning • Best Learning Management System (LMS)
2:00pm - 2:30pm Webinar Streams 1,2,3FRONTLINER TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Joanna Mantziaris, Learning & Organisational Development Manager with Donna Meadows, Lead Learning Designer, Lifeline Australia Learning @ Lifeline – Professional Development of Volunteers in delivering Crisis Support Lifeline – what do we do, why do we do it and what does the learning space look like to do it. We will give an overview of learning at Lifeline and get a taste of learning design for volunteers – the backbone of our Crisis Support Services. Key Learning Points • Introduction to Lifeline and Governance issues around our learning • Overview of the Learning programs for volunteers and corporate stakeholders • A taste of Lifeline Learning Design.     Webinar Stream 2 Lauren Kauffman, Learning & Development Manager, Allens Using Habits to Strengthen Virtual Learning Design A common challenge for L&D professionals in designing learning experiences is how to encourage genuine behavioural change after the ‘event’. Understanding habit formation is a valuable tool when designing learning campaigns, particularly in a virtual or hybrid working environment. In this talk, Lauren will explore why understanding habit formation is useful in learning design, how Allens have begun to weave it into learning programs and lessons learned so far on when it can be most helpful (and when it’s not). Key learning Points: • Why a habit formation model can be valuable to learning design • How to incorporate habit formation principles in learning programs • When habit formation in learning is most useful and when it isn’t.     Webinar Stream 3 Alexander Bedford, Education Director with Tim Holt, Education Strategy Manager, McAfee APAC Training – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That! The traditional corporate education model (set content delivered in a classroom over several days) does not work for professionals in an increasingly complex environment. As a result, training is often neglected or ignored which introduces additional risk into your organisation. McAfee has developed a modern approach to technical education that recognises and addresses these challenges. In this session, we share examples our of approach and how it has measurably impacted technology professionals, their departments and the organisations that they work for. Key Learning Points: • Learn how to identify, quantify and mitigate education risk in your organisation • Understand a modern approach to training in complex times • Ensure your people capability is aligned with your technical capability • Measure the return on training investment in business terms.
2:30pm - 3:00pm Webinar Stream 1AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED LIVE!
Best Learning & Development Project • Best Certification Training Project • Best Compliance Training Project • Best Content Curation Project • Best Health & Safety Training Project • Best Induction/Onboarding Project • Best Leadership Capability Project • Best Learning & Development Project • Best Learning Campaign Project • Best Learning Transfer Project • Best People & Performance Management Project • Best Performance Support Project • Best Product Knowledge Training Project • Best Sales Training Project • Best Social Learning Project • Best Technical Skills Training Project
3:00pm – 3:30pm Webinar Streams 1,2,3FRONTLINER TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Dannielle Phelan, Group Manager, Capability, SilverChain Learning Agility – Supercharging your Organisation in a Changing World Agile learners can rapidly learn and ‘unlearn’, re-shaping their mental models to adapt to a dynamic environment. Research has focused on how high performing leaders can tailor their own learning journey to move expertly through the ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous’ – but what happens when a whole organisation can tap into these superstar abilities? 2020 has shown us just how rapidly our world can change. Organisations that support their people to learn in agile ways have the ability to rapidly flex and adapt. In this session, Dannielle explores how Silver Chain developed original strategies and tools to enable its national workforce to be ‘learning agile’ through the Covid-19 crisis. Their success in rapidly developing new and flexible ways for their people to access learning supported their frontline teams as they continued to provide safe and effective in-home health and aged community care to over 100,000 clients across five states. Key Learning Points: • Define learning agility in an organisational context • Explore effective strategies to support organisational learning agility • Devise bespoke strategies for your own organisation.   Webinar Stream 2 Terrena Hopper, Project Manager (COVID-19 Response) TAFE QLD Thriving in the Gig Economy (or Thriving as an L&D Freelancer?) Freelancing offers a great opportunity to lift your income and gives you control over your work schedule. In this session, learn tips for growing your business or side-hustle as an L&D freelancer or gig-worker. This will suit anyone interested in transitioning to or attaining work in freelance/contracting within in learning and development. Terrena has been able to attain side-hustles and freelance work consistently from 2006 🙂 Key Learning Points: • Pros and cons of freelancing • Tips for finding work • Technology tools and tips for the freelancer/gig worker.   Webinar Stream 3 Dan Mottau, Head of People & Culture, Redbubble The Future of Work is Flexible & Human Redbubble has been well placed to transition to a fully remote working environment. Our systems, tools and practices have allowed us to remain focused on what really matters – – keeping our teams well connected, and ensuring they remain healthy, well and productive. We believe distributed teams require two things to operate in unison – – capable leaders who are adaptable and implicitly trust their people, who set clear expectations, and create rituals that are consciously inclusive, and technologies that enable productivity and reduce friction. We will share how Redbubble is responding to the shocks and jolts of 2020 – – how it is shaping and changing our people experience for the future – – what we imagine and how we are preparing for a peri and post-COVID world. Key Learning Points: • Positioning remote and distributed workforces as a cultural challenge first • Increasing flexibility, meaningful human connection, and the imperatives of emotional wellness that drive greater productivity and performance • How we imagine the future of work at Redbubble, and the systems and services that enable it.
3:30pm – 4:00pm Webinar Stream 1AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED LIVE!
Best eLearning Design • Best Accessibility eLearning Design • Best App eLearning Design • Best Audio eLearning Design • Best Audio eLearning Design • Best Free eLearning Resource Design • Best Game eLearning Design • Best Interactive Scenario eLearning Design • Best Micro/Bite-Size eLearning Design • Best Shift-It-Online eLearning Design • Best Simulation eLearning Design • Best Video eLearning Design   Best Extended Reality (XR) Training Project • Best Virtual Reality (VR) Hard Skills Training Project • Best Virtual Reality (VR) Industry Specific Training Project • Best Augmented Reality (AR) Industry Specific Training Project • Best Integrated Training Project (VR + Online) • Best Integrated Training Project (F2F + Online)
4:00pm – 4:30pm Webinar Streams 1,2,3FRONTLINER TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Judith Hewitson, Managing Director with Daniel Bury, VR Director, Reality Learning Virtual Reality – Bringing Immersion into Future-Safe Learning Virtual Reality blows the ‘training’ out of training. Thoughtfully designed VR scales up immersive learning in ways we’ve rarely been able to achieve in class-rooms, field-trips and at a pace and retention unmatched by standard online systems. That’s because good VR with the right choice of technology and the smarts around this, makes the learning experience personal, not information-based or purely sensational. It’s the powerful human narratives that create deep impact and VR that creates the immediacy with rapid insight and attitudinal change for deep learning. Understanding VR is important in the decision-making around technology and instructional design when creating future-safe learning programs. Key Learning Points: • When to, and benefits of, adopting VR technology in your instructional design • How to work with VR technologies to produce programs with greater impact than traditional 2D screen • Solutions for future-proofing VR programs and overcoming current issues of VR distribution and accessibility.   Webinar Stream 2 Neil Von Heupt, Senior Learning Designer, Social Media College Engagement Wins What makes you stop in your social media scrolling? What makes you keep reading and watching? You can design better learning experiences by learning from social media marketers. Find out how. Key Learning Points: • Move beyond #clickeractions to real learning engagement • Grab attention, keep it, use it to improve performance outcomes • Design social learning experiences.   Webinar Stream 3 Rob Wilkins, L&D Leader, IM Systems Measurement & Data Analytics, NSW DET. Why L&D is no Closer to Shattering the Measurement and Credibility Problem it has. Rob will walk us through the need to understand that L&D must become a data centric practice that builds solutions and achieves outcomes through knowing what needs to shift and why. Key Learning Points: • Check their understanding of what data they capture and for what purpose • Define what it is they need in terms of data centricity and what actions they need to take • Understand the need to work with human resources to capture data they have never had before.
4:30pm – 5:00pm Webinar Stream 1AWARD WINNERS ANNOUNCED LIVE!
Best Talented Team • Best Induction/Onboarding Team • Best Learning & Development Team • Best Learning Design Team • Best People & Culture Team • Best Talent Partnership • Best Wellbeing Team • Best Virtual Reality (VR) Development & Design Team • Best Working From Home Team – Rapid Development   Best Talent Strategy • Best Diversity/Inclusion Strategy • Best Design Thinking Talent Strategy • Best Design Thinking Training Strategy • Best Extensive -Virtual Training Workshop Strategy • Best Organisational Development Strategy • Best Learning Culture Strategy • Best Team Development Strategy • Best Wellbeing Strategy
5:00 – 5:30 Webinar Streams 1,2,3INTERNATIONAL TALKS LIVE!
Webinar Stream 1 Colin Hickie, Director of Media & Technology Enhanced Learning Operations, The University of Law Universal Language: The Rapid move from F2F to Online for a 16 week English Language Program This session will discuss the surge in demand from educational organisations for fully online course delivery, sparked by the Covid-19 crisis focusing on Colin’s work in developing a 16-week face to face program completely online in 3 months. It will explore methods for quickly and successfully moving online and techniques for developing a scalable and a quality product for future iterations. Key Learning Points: • Insight into developing f2f content for online within a short development and delivery period • Tips on how to set up the project effectively from the beginning • Advice on how to work and communicate with stakeholders across multiple cross-functional teams.   Webinar Stream 2 Lavinia Mehedintu, People Experience Manager, eMAG Design Learning Experiences – A Digital Perk. Up until a few months ago, designing and delivering two-three days of in-class training was the norm. When forced to move everything online, we discovered we needed to make the switch from learning events to a more complex approach. We needed to engage learners in different ways while also taking even less of their time. So the time of the learning experience is finally here. It was a steep learning curve for us, but it might have benefited learners more than we would have guessed. Now that this has become business as usual, now is time to look back and see what digital learning experiences bring to the workplace. Key Learning Points: • What is the difference between learning events and learning experiences? • What are the characteristic of a learning experience? • How do learning experiences benefit adult learners? • Learning experiences in practice – IDEOU case study.   Webinar Stream 3 Marek Hyla, Senior Learning Principal, Accenture Moments that Matter in Corporate Learning Do you know what situations in the learning process impact the learners’ engagement the most? What are the Moments that Matter in building truly human-centred approach of learning adults? What is the magnitude of positive or negative impact of each of them on the learning experience? In the age of human-centricity it is imperative to personalize the learning experience. Moments that Matter in Corporate Learning Model and results of the research based on it will help you to understand what makes or breaks learning efficiency and apply truly impactful instructional design approaches. Key Learning Points: • You will understand the value of Moments that Matter concept • You will explore the Moments that Matter in Corporate Learning • You will discover the positive and negative impacts of Moments that Matter before, during and after the learning intervention
9:45am - 10:00am Webinar Stream 4RUNDOWN OF THE DAYS EVENTS
Vanessa trower, L&D Manager, GWA Group with Steve Corney, L&D Strategist, Learn AWESOME
10:00am - 10:30am Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
Peter Clowes, Director, AR/VR Specialist, Maxart What Developing Training Systems for Astronauts has Taught us about Designing Enterprise Training Programs In this session Peter will take you on a journey of what it takes to design and deliver critical training programs for space exploration, including the lessons learned and how he and the team at MAXART are using these learnings to develop better enterprise training programs. Key Learning Points: • What’s involved in developing training for astronauts? • What are the lessons we’ve learnt along the way? • What can we learn from this project to deliver better and more effective corporate L&D programs.
10:30am - 10:45amINTERVAL
10:45am - 11:15am Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
Andrew Mak, Lead Learning Designer with Joe Bennett – Head of Client Services & IT, GRC Solutions Creating Beautiful eLearning on the Fly Demands for quality eLearning have never been higher. With many staff now working from home, and heightened awareness of the need to provide accurate and up-to-date resources, the move to digital training is accelerating. From micro-learning, to mobile training, to compliance training, the need for L&D teams to be able to respond quickly to organisational demands and regulatory change is essential. This presentation will show you how to quickly build, deploy, maintain, and report on your eLearning. Key Learning Points: • How to rapidly design eLearning modules that really work • How to make a course attractive & engaging, and maintainable over time • How to use enhanced reporting and data analytics to identify systemic issues in your organisation
11:15am - 11:30amINTERVAL
Edutainment Time
11:30am - 12:00pm Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
John Stericker, Senior Learning Consultant, Learning Plan Designing and Implementing Solutions – Finding a Strategy that Best Suits your Team With businesses under ongoing pressure to cut costs and the technical skills required of L&D teams ever-increasing, finding the right collaboration to work with requires a carefully thought-out strategy. This session will provide practical guidance, examples and tools that have helped accelerate performance outcomes. Key Learning Points: • Finding the right support to design effective and cost-efficient solutions • Connecting the tech experience with the desired behavioural outcomes
12:00pm - 12:15pmINTERVAL
12:15pm - 12:45pm Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
Alexander Roche, BSc MA App Ling, Founder and Principal Educational Technologist of Edutech infrastructure, and services specialist, Androgogic Learner Journeys from LMS to LXP and Back Again This presentation examines how an institution with traditional learning might begin to expand that learner experience to embrace changing paradigms in learning. It explores some scenarios wherein learner journeys can be woven through formal training in the LMS and enhanced with social learning and folksonomic, curated learner materials in the LXP. Key Learning Points: • AI does have a place in on- Line Learning today! • Learning Experience Platform (LXP) opening the Kimono • Enhancing the traditional Learning Journey
12:45pm - 1:00pmINTERVAL
1:00pm - 1:30pm Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
Danny Ginsberg, Outward Mindset Mechanic, Senior Consultant/Facilitator, Arbinger Oceania Learning Led Transformation Welcome to the new norm! Learning must lead organisations into this new norm of constant change, need for re-skilling and increased resilience if we want to truly succeed. Learning Leaders need to challenge how they see their customers, clients and stakeholders. We need to move from offering a service to being true leaders of transformation. How can we be helpful? Let’s shift our Mindset – Outward. Key Learning Points: • Moving from an offer of service to transformation • How are we seeing our – others? • Adjusting our efforts • Measuring for success.
1:30pm - 1:45pmINTERVAL
1:45pm - 2:15pm Webinar Stream 4TRAILBLAZER TALK LIVE!
Priscilla Koukoui, Founder & Emerging XR Tech Leader, OviSquare Revolution in Company Training – Using Immersive Media to Engage in Distant or Remote Learning Organisational training is in a new era. Driven by the emergence of new technologies, and sometimes constraints (Covid19,costs..) more and more companies are opening their eyes to digital opportunities for training. To understand the real benefits and implications, let’s discuss immersive training. After providing definitions, we will illustrate and show the impact of modern enterprise training. Key Learning Points: • Types of immersive trainings • Impact of using VR for training • One step further: the future of training